Degree Requirements - Matriculated in AY2009/10

  • Students in the B.Eng. (Ind & Sys Eng) Programme are required to complete a minimum of 162MCs with a CAP >=2.0 to graduate from the programme.

  • Pass modular requirements.

  • Pass elective modules with total of at least 16MCs.
    Subject to the approval of the Head of ISE Department, students may be permitted to use up to a maximum of 12MCs from the ISE electives to read science, computer science and engineering modules. The approval of the electives will be done on a case-by-case basis.


  • Students are required to read a level-1000 Physis module (except GEK/GEM modules) towards the ULR-Breadth/UEM requirement.

  • Areas of Specialization