Why Systems Design Project?



In ensuring that some of the above educational objectives are satisfied, one of the core modules offered to the students is the IE3100 Systems Design Project. The objective of the design project is to provide an opportunity for students to gain practical design experience in an actual industry setting. Such experience will also provide the students with a broader scope of industrial engineering by applying a range of IE-related concepts rather than concentrating on one particular subject area.


The module provides the students opportunity to

  1. Study, formulate and analyze an actual industrial problem with the goal of recommending a design solution that is practical.
  2. Apply knowledge learnt in the classroom to an actual problem assigned.
  3. Acquire intangible attributes such as working in a team and practical experience that cannot be taught in a classroom environment.
  4. Practise and improve the skills of technical report writing and oral presentation.

Companies' participation and support for this module are therefore important for these values to be imparted to the students effectively. The Systems Design Project module is carried out over a period of two semesters. It is offered at the beginning of every academic year which starts in early August and the work will span approximately nine months. The nature of the work is on resolving a specific problem or completing a specific project and is not intended for carrying out day-to-day operations.

During the course of the project, students are not allowed to receive compensation for work done. However, companies are encouraged to provide typical office facilities such as photocopying, printing, and in some cases, supplies and travel expenses to the students.