Coursework Requirements - Continuation


List of Modules


IE6001 Mathematical Programming for Engineering
IE6002 Advanced Engineering Statistics
IE6004 Advanced Engineering Probability
IE6005 Stochastic Models and Optimization
IE6099 ISE Research Methodology
IE6107 Advanced Material Flow Systems
IE6108 Advanced Facility Layout and Location
IE6123 Advanced Reliability Engineering
IE6125 Advanced Software Quality Engineering
IE6126 Advanced Industrial Data Modelling and Analysis
IE6127 Six Sigma Methodologies
IE6199 Advanced Topic in Quality Engineering
IE6302 Advanced Ergonomics and Workplace Design
IE6299 Advanced Topics in Engineering Management
IE6399 Advanced Topics in Human Factors Engineering
IE6401 Advanced Topics in Industrial Logistics
IE6405 Advanced Inventory Systems
IE6499 Advanced Topics in Systems Engineering
IE6503 Advanced Operations Research
IE6504 Advanced Systems Modelling and Simulation
IE6506 Advanced Computer-Based Decision Systems




IE5995 M.Eng Thesis
IE6900 M.Eng Thesis


Seminar Modules


IE5999 Graduate Seminar
IE6999 Doctoral Seminar


Modules in MSC Programme