M.Sc.(ISE) with Specialization in Logistics and Operations Research

A student must complete a minimum of 40 MCs with a satisfactory CAP as follows:
(a) The four ISE graduate foundation modules: IE5001, IE5002, IE5003 and IE5004.
(b) The following two Logistics compulsory modules:
  IE 5401 Industrial Logistics
  IE 5405 Inventory Systems
(c) At least two of the following Logistics concentration modules:
  IE 5107 Material Flow Systems
  IE 5108 Facility Layout and Location
  IE 5123 Reliability Engineering
  IE 5202 Applied Forecasting Methods
  IE 5208 Systems Approach to Project Management
  A graduate-level logistic-related module approved by the Department.
(d) The remaining MCs in elective modules within or outside the Department subject to general degree requirements