Prof Xie delivered a lecture series at Indian Statistical Institute

A number of lecture series are organized by SQC & OR (Statistical Quality Control & Operations Research) unit of Indian Statistical Institute at their Platinum Jubilee celebration. Prof Xie Min was invited to deliver its first lecture series 20-22 December, 2006. He spoke on the research on statistical control of high-quality processes, extended Weibull distribution for reliability modelling, and software reliability models.


Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) was founded on 17 Dec. 1931, by the visionary Professor Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis. The Government of India recognized ISI as an "institution of national importance" by the enactent of the ISI Act of the Parliament in 1959. A year-long celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of the Institute during 2006-08 comprises a series of events.


Professor Sankar K Pal, the director of Indian Statistical Institute, inaugurated the event.