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Beginning in the 2001/2002 academic year, an undergraduate degree programme leading to the Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering, i.e. BEng (Ind & Sys Eng), is offered in the Faculty of Engineering. This new programme is the only one of its kind in Singapore. The host Department, the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE), was established in the Faculty of Engineering in 1972.

What does an Industrial and Systems Engineer do?
An Industrial and Systems Engineer figures out how to do things better through designing and improving systems.
Why choose Industrial and Systems Engineering?
Organizations are becoming more complex and globalized, using information and technology extensively. This result is in a greater demand for engineers who are able to apply scientific approaches in the design and management of both engineering and service systems.
If you have good mathematical skills, a strong desire for organization efficiency and a continuous drive for improvement, ISE is highly suitable choice for you.
Career prospects in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Typical job titles of new ISE graduates include Industrial Engineer, Logistics Engineer, Supply Chain Engineer, Quality/Reliability Engineer, Procurement Engineer/Executive, Planning Engineer/Executive, Operations Analyst, Management Consultant, and Business Analyst.

Experiences in other countries show that a high proportion of ISE graduates work in consultancy firms or as independent consultants, helping companies to engineer processes and systems to improve productivity, effect efficient operation of complex systems, and manage and optimize these processes and systems.

Recent surveys show that the average starting salary of our BEng (Ind & Sys Eng) graduates is one of the highest among the graduates of various engineering disciplines.

What is special about our BEng (Ind & Sys Eng) programme?

Our curriculum is rigorous and forward looking. The knowledge and tools our graduates acquire will enable them to remain competitive and adaptable in the rapidly changing global environment.

Our students will have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge in the industrial and business setting. In the innovative Systems Design Project module, they will work in teams on company-sponsored projects over two semesters. They will be guided by ISE faculty members and industry partners to learn how to formulate and analyze an actual systems design problem and recommend a practical solution.

We also have many exciting opportunities for our students to spend at least a semester overseas to broaden their educational experience.

Famous Industrial Engineers
USA: Henry Gantt - inventor of the Gantt chart, Lillian Gilbreth - co-inventor of time and motion studies, Lee Iacocca - former CEO, Chrysler.

Singapore: Mah Bow Tan - MP for Tampines GRC, Khaw Boon Wan - Minister for National Development, Philip Yeo – Special Advisor for Economic Development (Prime Minister's Office), Senior Advisory for Science and Technology(Ministry of Trade & Industry) and Chairman of SPRING Singapore.

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