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Postgraduate Modules
IE5001 Operation Planning and Control I
IE5002 Applied Engineering Statistics
IE5003 Cost Analysis and Engineering Economy
IE5004/IE6004 Engineering Probability and Simulation / Advanced Engineering Probability and Simulation
IE5107/IE6107 Material Flow Systems / Advanced Material Flow Systems
IE5108/IE6108 Facility Layout and Location/ Advanced Facility Layout and Location
IE5203 Decision Analysis
IE5121 Quality Planning and Management
IE5122 Statistical Quality Control
IE5123/IE6123 Reliability Engineering / Advanced Reliability Engineering
IE5202 Applied Forecasting Methods
IE5208 Systems Approach to Project Management
IE5211/IE6211 New Product Management / Advanced New Product Management
IE5301 Human Factors in Engineering and Design
IE5401/IE6401 Industrial Logistics / Advanced Topics in Industrial Logistics
IE5405/IE6405 Inventory Systems / Advanced Inventory Systems
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Undergraduate Modules
IE2100 Probablility Models With Applications
IE2110 Operations Research I
IE2130 Quality Engineering I
IE2140 Engineering Economy
IE2150 Human Factors Engineering
IE3100 Systems Design Project
IE3101 Statistics for Engineering and Applications
IE3110 Simulation
IE3120 Manufacturing Logistics
IE4210 Operations Research II
IE4220 Supply Chain Modeling
IE4230 Quality Engineering II
IE4240 Project Management
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