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IIE Asian Conference 2012
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Asian Network for Industrial Engineers (ANIE)

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  • Develop IE competence in Asia
  • Advance development of IE academics in Asia
  • Develop standard curricula for core IE courses


  • Create a virtual Organization not a physical organization
  • Audience: Educators and Industry and IE professional organization
  • Membership: National IE Organizations from the Asia Region
  • Annual conference: rotating among member units
  • Development of core IE curriculum
  • Create international certification for industrial engineering

Member Organizations:

  • Japan:
    Kenji Ueki

  • Korea: KIIE
    Joon Young Park
    Kwang Jae Kim

  • China: IIE(Beijing)
    Li Zheng
    Zhibin Jiang

  • Hong Kong: IIE(HK)
    Sammy Wan
    Benjamin Yen

  • Taiwan: CIIE
    C. J. Liao
    Bernard Jiang

  • Singapore: SIIE
    Long Ching Tang
    TN Goh

  • ANIE coordinator
    Fugee Tsung

  • IIE representative:
    Gregory Watson