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IIE Asian Conference 2012
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Keynote speakers:
Flexibility in Engineering Design
Prof. Richard de Neufville
Professor of Engineering Systems and of
Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT

(Abstract & Biography)
Data Fusion for In-Process Quality
Improvement of Complex Systems

Prof. Jianjun Shi
The Carolyn J. Stewart Chair Professor,
Georgia Institute of Technology

(Abstract & Biography)
The Challenge of Harmonization
in Industrial Engineering Education

Gregory H. Watson
Senior Vice President, International
Institute for Industrial Engineers

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"Publishing in top journals"


Publishing in international journals is important to many researchers in educational institutions. This workshop will discuss the reviewing and publishing process, highlighting the dos and doníts . The workshop should help scholars to reflect on their own experiences as researchers, authors, and reviewers. It will be interactive and tailored to the interests of those attending. Do bring along your questions and comments.

Prof Jianjun Shi, IIE Transactions Focus Issues Editor in Quality and Reliability Engineering.

Date & Time:
28 Jun, 3pm Ė 5pm