Decision Systems Group

Research in this area seeks to understand and enhance the intelligent problem solving capabilities of humans and human-computer systems. It focuses on the design and development of computer-based decision systems that aid human decision makers in solving complex problems, and autonomous computational “agents” that fully automate more routine problem solving activities. Our research activities in this area include work on methods to automate the construction of situation-specific decision models from knowledge bases, time-critical decision making in medicine, valuation of dynamic decision model abstractions and refinements, intelligent multiple criteria decision systems, and applications of Bayesian networks for military situation assessment and planning.

Affiliated Research Groups
Biomedical Decision Engineering Group, CS Dept.
The Decision Systems Group works very closely with the Biomedical Decision Engineering Group in the research and development of systems for biomedical and clinical decision making.

Groups Members

- Faculty members
A/Prof Poh Kim Leng

- Alumni

Aldy Gunawan
Modeling and Heuristic Solutions for University Course Timetabling Problems
Cao Yi
Dealing with Missing Values in DNA Microarray Data
Chan Siew Pang
Bayesian Probability Encoding in Medical Decision Analysis
Choo Kin Wee
A Heuristic Approach to the Multi-Period Multi-Commodity Transportation Problem
Chen Gang
Multiple Criteria Decision Making in Investment
Fan Liwei
Independent Component Analysis in Bayesian Classifications
Nur Aini Masruroh
Adaptive Scheduling Systems: A Decision-Theoretic Approach
Pan Xiajun
A Multi-attribute Approach to Combining Expert Opinions with Application to an Environment Problem
Pek Peng Kiat
Decision-theoretic instructional and assessment systems
See Chuen Teck
Robust Inventory Optimization
Wang Wei
Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making
Wu Xi
MEng Thesis: Decision model construction with multilevel influence diagrams
Xiang Yangping
Time Critical dynamic decision modeling
Xu Songsong
Graph-theoretic analysis of information value
Yang Guo Liang
Neuroimaging and Neuroinformatics-Based Schizophrenia Modeling and Decision Support
Zeng Yifeng
Intelligent Decision Systems
Zhou Peng
Decision Making in Energy & Environmental Systems: Advances in Constructing Composite Indicators
Zhou Runrun
Decision Analysis