Systems Engineering




Research in the Group of Systems Engineering involves the design, analysis, control and management of complex systems. The issues addressed are characterized by a high level of complexity, broad interaction among engineering, mathematics, computing and economics disciplines, and the need to integrate quantitative and qualitative factors. Current research activities may be divided into four areas: Logistics and Supply Chain Systems, Systems Optimization, Decision Systems, and Energy and Environmental Systems. In Logistics and Supply Chain Systems, current research focuses on methodological and application issues related to integrated logistics systems, and vehicle routing and scheduling. Combinatorial optimization, stochastic optimization and heuristic methods are the main research focus in Systems Optimization, where complex optimization problems in the manufacturing and service sectors and military are being examined. In Decision Systems, computer-based systems are developed and a current emphasis is in the area of clinical decision systems. Research in Energy and Environmental Systems involves the development and application of analytical tools and modeling techniques to study complex energy and environment issues.