Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering



Robust Design Methodology - application of its principles, practices and tools in industry and healthcare
Associate Prof Ida Gremyr, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden


14:30 p.m. to 15:30 p.m.

Faculty of Engineering, Seminar Room EA-06-02, NUS

Much research has pointed out that reduction of variation is an important area in quality management. Robust Design Methodology (RDM) is one way of counteracting unwanted variation; an approach to design products or processes that are reliable and have stable performance despite exposure to variation in uncontrollable factors. Research on RDM has traditionally focused on the application of various tools to support RDM. It is argued here that RDM is not merely as set of tools or techniques, albeit important. It also encompasses a number of principles and practices.

Lately RDM has attracted increased attention in industry as well as healthcare as one component of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS). In the practical applications the value of seeing RDM as a framework of principles, practices, and tools has been proven. This seminar will focus on empirical studies of RDM in industry and healthcare, e.g. application of RDM throughout a medium-sized manufacturing companyís product development process, and the use of DFSS/RDM to design a new medication process at a Swedish hospital.

Ida Gremyr is as Associate Professor/Head of Division at the Division of Quality Sciences, Department of Technology Management and Economics. The research activities in which Ida Gremyr is involved are carried out in close co-operation with partners in industry and in the health care sector. Current research areas are: 1)Robust design methodology and its linkages to Sustainable Product Development, 2)Design for Six Sigma - relations to the area of robust design methodology and applicability in industry and health care, and 3)Service innovations in manufacturing industries; focusing the application of methods from the quality management area. Gremyr teaches Design for Quality and Quality and Operations Management, and acts as theses supervisor of masterís students as well as PhD students.

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