Quality Planning and Management

Course Outline:

The Quality Edge has been much advanced in the form of quality management philosophy (e.g., Deming and Juran), customer focus and retention, strategic quality planning, quality assessment (e.g., ISO series, national quality awards), leadership, etc. The objective of this course is exposure to management issues facing contemporary business organizations.


Course Duration:

2 Days


Course Content:

This course focuses on the planning, organizational, and human dimensions of quality management. It begins with an overview of the fundamental nature of quality, followed by coverage of quality management philosophies and practice principles of the present decades. Next are discussions on the importance of strategic quality planning and what it means to imbue an organization with a quality culture and a central focus on the customer. Organizational theories of human behavior pertaining to quality planning and management are next discussed. Included here are topics such as leadership, motivation, and the need for achievement.

Dr Tan Kay Chuan is a is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the National University of Singapore. He also supervises the Department's Ergonomics Laboratory. Dr Tan teaches in the following subject areas: Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics, Engineering Statistics, and Quality Planning and Management.


His current research interests include: quality management, advancement in quality function deployment, visual and cognitive issues in traffic information display, and the culturalization of human-computer interfaces for international use. Dr Tan is Secretary of the Ergonomics Society of Singapore. He holds memberships in the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, and the Singapore Quality Institute.


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