Undergraduate Modules

IE2100 Probability Models with Applications
IE2101 Introduction to Systems Thinking
IE2105 Fundamentals in Systems Engineering
IE2110 Operations Research I
IE2130 Quality Engineering I
IE2140 Engineering Economy
IE2150 Human Factors Engineering
IE3100 Systems Design Project
IE3101 Statistics for Engineering Applications
IE3110 Simulation
IE3120 Manufacturing Logistics
IE4100 B.Eng. Dissertation
IE4210 Operations Research II
IE4220 Supply Chain Modeling
IE4229 Selected Topics in Logistics
IE4230 Quality Engineering II
IE4239 Selected Topics in Quality Engineering
IE4240 Project Management
IE4241 Work, Technology and Organization
IE4242 Cost Analysis and Management
IE4243 Decision Modeling & Risk Analysis
IE4244 Energy: Security, Competitiveness and Sustainability;
IE4249 Selected Topics in Engineering Management
IE4250 System Dynamics Modelling
IE4251 Process Analysis and Redesign
IE4259 Selected Topic in Systems Engineering
IE4299 Selected Topics in Industrial Engineering